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In 1999, Mario Wille decided to construct and manufacture a line of stainless steel hardware that met his personal standards regarding design and quality. And so it came, that with only a handful of carefully selected, highly-skilled craftsmen and the experienced sales professional started the success story of MWE, a company that within eight years not only established itself in a though market but also became the market leader in the segment of free-running sliding door hardware.


Today the name MWE stands for a line of products that – due to their elaborate design and the highest possible manufacturing quality – will be a lifelong source of aesthetic delight. Although today even at MWE state-of-the art machinery is used for the spadework, it is only through the artistry of the most specialized and highly skilled craftsmen that the stainless steel reaches its full visual impact and is transformed from a mere functional element into an architectural highlight.
MWE stands for maximum production quality and a great passion for detail. consider it the company philosophy and task to develop products made in Germany that consistently correspond with the spirit of the times and also enables space for individuality. This means that all MWE employees always correspond with the highest standards involving design, production quality, and functionality.

Each of MWE products complies to performance bond. The company stand for stainless steel products made of highest quality and longest persistence, as well as high standards of easy assembly.