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Glass shower partition

حمام شیشه ای

Today, houses are not anymore simple shelter where you have to live in, they are built in way that let you enjoy to live in. to achieve such a goal, all spaces in a house should be designed and prepared and for that, glass is one of the main materials to be used.
Among all of applications for glass material, we want to discuss about glass shower partision and its importance in today modern houses here.

Importance of separating shower space from other bathroom spaces is couse of using glass shower partision. Using glass in shower partistion give us the ability to separate spaces while keep the area integrated beside that shower partition has several benefits like preventing water spread around and partial energy insulation. Good appearance and versatile designs beside considerable benefits made glass shower partision, a common interior design that is one of inseperable part of luxury houses. Glass shower partition are not just for using in big bathrooms, they also could be utilized in small bathrooms since there are compatible kind of glass supporting systems for these spaces.

Glass shower partition could be performed based on railing, spider and framless supporting systems beside that different types of glass like colored glass, textured glass and smart glass could be used subject to customer needs.

Glass shower partition has become a main asset in interior design of luxury houses. Considering this structure benefits is a reason that make glass shower partition a common interior decoration in all houses in the future.

In ILIA Processing Glass, we design at best subject to limitation of a project, and we perform with such high quality to meet our customer sense of perfection. We have the all assets, we have all knowledge, we are well prepared to be your choise.

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